Friday Faves: Upgrade Your GNO

Living 3000 miles from your besties is NOT the most fun, y’all. We finally, FINALLY got all together for the first time in WAYYYY too long last weekend for 12 hours of Girls’ Night Out goodness. Since this doesn’t happen for us more than once a year or so, we knew we had to make it an extra special one. We splurged for a once a year hotel, once a year photographer and dinner, and a once in a year rocking’ good dose of quality time. ย Here are a few ‘upgrades’ you can do with your own squad to make GNO so extra too!b8fd0f48-abdd-41a9-9b27-0b537b307a55.jpg


You know when you actually get all dressed up, hair did, make up on point and forget to take a single dang picture because you’re having too much fun? Yeah, that’s us… like every time we get together. And while it’s fantastic to have so much fun and live in the moment, it’s also a liiiiittle bit sad to have no evidence that we are still capable of styling ourselves up.This time, we decided to turn it over to some professionals with an awesome service called Snappr.

This company will arrange a professional photographer to come to you, basically anywhere, anytime to take photos for… well anything. It was $149 to have Joshua, an excellent photographer in Washington D.C. come to our hotel, follow us around for an hour and take all kinds of pics. The edited shots were back to us the NEXT DAY. I cannot recommend this enough – not only for a great GNO, but for a bachelorette, a family get-together, if you yourself need professional shots to launch your own #girlboss endeavor, or whatever else.

This isย #notsponsored – just actually awesome enough we had to share.

Hotel Slumber Party

You know how it goes – GNO is the. most. fun. ever!!! Until 10pm hits and you all hit that mom-wall hard. And while you might be still having a blast laughing your asses off at all the inside jokes, you know you gotta get outta those heels and spanx. Book a hotel room and BOOM! Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! Go get in your PJs, maybe order some late-night room service snacks and giggle away.


pajama-party-stock-photography_csp38155806.jpgEven more of a win? NOT having your kids come wake you up at 6 am when you’re exhausted or, let’s be real here, maybe a tad hungover! Order breakfast in bed and recover, shower, return home ready to face the chaos with a smile on your face. There are a bajillion online services to get a hotel room last minute for cheap – upgrade yo-selves!

Bonus points if you bring along some sheet masks or Hydrogel Patches to erase the night ๐Ÿ˜‰

Liquid I.V. Healthy Hydration


I don’t know a single mama who has the tolerance they used to back in those glorious early 20s. And, yes, of course we should be mature and moderate in our alcohol consumption and avoid hangovers that way. Drinking to excess is bad, lotsa health risks, etc…. On the other hand, as a mom, I have ended up hungover from 2 measly glasses of wine, so it’s all relative. I know a bunch of women who swear by this stuff. It’s a balanced hydration solution to help you pre-hydrate and then flush the alcohol out of your system. Hungover parenting is a special circle of Hell, try this out next time.

Virtual Visits

15055690_10103380678021019_1639727622399142389_n.jpgSo, an all-out hotel, photographer extravaganza is not always going to be an option. At the other end of the spectrum – if you’re in a season of life where you’re physically separated from your lady-loves – consider a virtual happy hour. More and more businesses are doing their meetings with services like Google Hangouts and Zoom meetings, both of which are free video chat rooms. Why not you? Why not for fun? Why not with a cocktail in hand and your kids plopped in front of a (super educational of course) video?

We have also done this and it’s a BLAST! So much more connecting than the flustered chat or text here and there that is our usual communication. Set a date, pour a glass, and log in girls! Bonus here – no need to dress up, or even be dressed at all.

The best part of girls nights out is that you make it your own. Do canvas painting with wine, go and hike your favorite trail and identify plant species, or literally Netflix and chill with your favorite thriller or Rom Com. It does not matter!

What are your favorite Girls’ Night Out activities?? Comment below with your own great ideas!

5db6358a-4358-4f56-9c9c-fdaeb7c36c8f-2203-000002cb03a3c599ย Christiana, Annie, Kristy and Margo are best friends hoping to help you all live your best lives in the REAL world. oxoxo!




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Four girls became best friends in high school and have stayed together through a whole lot of life. We are now a doctor, a lawyer, a financial advisor and a badass doula slash massage therapist and homesteader and want to share what we've learned as wives, moms, women and in our careers with the world... and entertain you along the way!

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