It’s OK to Be Tired

Happy Monday, everyone!

While I write this in hopes that you had a super restful weekend with your family, I know the reality is likely that that wasn’t the case.  For most adults, especially those with children, the weekend is spent catching up on adult-y things like laundry, housework, yardwork, and even potentially work-work and school-work.

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Additionally, we all want to spend the time soaking in the wonderful little creatures who are our beloved children, because most of the time, whether you work outside of the home or not, the week is not full of cuddles and lovey time.  It’s full of errands, school, homework, cooking and transporting these little humans to various activities.

So, today I’d like to focus on an important topic – Sleep.  I have noticed lately that some of us wear this ridiculous mask, like a badge of honor.  The mask is: “I’m not tired.  I’ve got this totally under control.  I’m super happy and can handle it all.”

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The mask has virtually no purpose at all.  Saying these things and pretending they are true doesn’t make them true.  Most importantly, pretending we are well-rested doesn’t make us well-rested.

Sometimes, you need to give your to-do list a rest and TAKE. A. NAP.  I did this yesterday.  I spent the morning tidying up, after spending Saturday catching up on work and studying a bit with the kids in my lap.  Then, my dear husband spent some quality time with the kids while I snoozed on the sofa for a bit.

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And, I’m here to tell you I’m not ashamed!  I needed a nap.  I needed to recharge.  Yes, I had other things to do, but the world isn’t going to end because I took a little hour and a half break.

It doesn’t make me weak.  It makes me normal.  So, take that nap, my friends.  Recharge your body and your spirit.  Your to-do list can always wait another day.

I’m officially giving you the permission you should be giving yourself!!

Wishing you lots of good rest and snuggles,


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Real As A M*ther

Four girls became best friends in high school and have stayed together through a whole lot of life. We are now a doctor, a lawyer, a financial advisor and a badass doula slash massage therapist and homesteader and want to share what we've learned as wives, moms, women and in our careers with the world... and entertain you along the way!

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