From Our Hearts, To Your Prime Cart

Thank you to all who are following us on our journey as Blogging Besties here on LockerstoLittles so far. Today we chose a random winner from all of our followers to win an Amazon Gift Card for $102 to celebrate finally hitting a goal of over 100 Followers!

Our contest winner has been emailed and updated on their glorious bounty! We have been so humbled that you all have joined us, and we hope to enrich your lives with humor, camaraderie, advice, how-to’s, and general nuggets of love and information to keep you all healthy, well, and smiling for years to come!

Many Blessings,

Annie, Christiana, Kristy, and Margo

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Real As A M*ther

Four girls became best friends in high school and have stayed together through a whole lot of life. We are now a doctor, a lawyer, a financial advisor and a badass doula slash massage therapist and homesteader and want to share what we've learned as wives, moms, women and in our careers with the world... and entertain you along the way!

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