Friday Faves: Margo’s Go-To For Working/Busy Moms

Hi friends!

I want to throw some things out there (like my besties did) that I have found to be stellar items as a working/busy/tired mom.  (Brad Pitt dancing has nothing to do with this but I liked the gif, so there you go.  Happy Friday!)

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1. Pumping on the go Accessories.  Before I even start with this, please know that FED is best.  So, while I personally loved breastfeeding, I have no judgements about how you feed your kids.  If you are a breastfeeding mama, I have a suggestion that changed. my. life.  One of the hardest things for me was finding time to pump.  Enter: hands-free pumping in the car (while I was driving, YES!). Working mamas who have jobs that require you to be out and about meeting with people and SAH mamas who spend their day driving kids around, running errands, and being a superwoman alike can benefit.

I put my Medela Pump on the passenger seat, zipped on my hands free pumping bra, plug in, put my cover on (to avoid peering eyes) and voila!  I was driving and making/storing milk.  HOWEVER, I noticed that I was going through a TON of batteries, and sometimes the pump batteries would poop out on me at the worst moments.  No bueno.

So, my husband set me up with a plug in the car.  Game changer!  Never again was I mid-pumping and realized I had no more power in the pump and ended up engorged.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 5.49.34 PM

(Note: Do not do ANYTHING dangerous while driving.  I always set up the pump before I left my parking spot. Also note:  One time I got pulled over while pumping, but that’s a funny story for another time.  The only thing you need to know is that the police officer was super nice to me and I didn’t get a ticket for speeding!)

2.  Cooler cooler: Once you are done pumping?  Get that liquid gold on ice!  I used a small YETI Hopper cooler because it kept my milk SUPER cold, even in the summer, and for me was worth the investment.  I even did this all on a plane once (Southwest Airlines rocks!) and a male passenger chatted me up about how awesome it was to use a YETI to store breastmilk.  Now that I am done breastfeeding, my husband uses it for beer – Win, win for everyone.  Easy peasy, tata squeezy.  What did we do without/before technology?

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3. Kid Tracker.  You may think I am crazy for this one, but what the heck!  Judgement free zone, right?  I got this GPS tracker and watch for my each of my two kids.  I. Love. Them. I can see where they are at all times.  I can set up a perimeter and it will notify me if they leave that area (like my yard).  There is also an alarm if they try to take it off (or if someone tries to take it off of them).  It has two-way communication, and it has an emergency number they can dial.  It will also listen in on conversations (creepy I know) but if you are worried about an adult trying to approach them inappropriately in a public place like a large playground, this helps.  I have a big yard, you guys.  I want to be able to sit in the sun and let my kids run around.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 6.09.29 PMOne day, before I had this, my son decided to visit a neighbor’s grandma who he loves (inside their house) without asking for permission.  One minute he was riding his bike in the driveway and the next minute he was gone, and the bike was laying at the end of my driveway.  Scariest five minutes of my life when I couldn’t find him.  I was running down the street screaming his name.  I had the police on the phone.  I legit thought someone had stolen him.  Not interested in that experience ever again!

4. Help with cooking.  Have I mentioned I am not very good in the kitchen?  Understatement of the century.  I have a dear friend (Hi Jennie!), though, who helps me out with this by getting me access to super awesome and necessary tools, like the Ceramic Egg Cooker.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 6.01.12 PM

My Ceramic Egg Cooker makes me feel like SuperWoman in so many ways. I can enjoy a hot wrap with a perfectly Scrambled Egg (Who knew I was capable of that?), or make each kid a personalized order of Gluten Free Oatmeal (I didn’t even know what this was before Jennie)…  

This product is so multi-functional, and at only $15.50 it definitely gets it’s money’s worth!  Jennie made a page for our readership here: Pampered Chef Fundraiser.  Since May is Whip Cancer Month, a portion of anything you buy gets donated to American Cancer Society!  Getting this stuff has made it SO much easier for this tired, time-crunched and not-so-talented-chef mama when it comes to feeding my family.

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