Adventures of a Doula-Mommy: Kristy

My first thought upon being requested to write a blogpost by one of my oldest and dearest friends was simply, “quick, kristy, throw the phone in the gutter and find the nearest Taco Bell!”.  Comfort food 101. You’ll get used to me.


But then, my focus narrowed onto a magnet that is on my refrigerator that says, “Your friends are the ones who know all about you and love you anyway”, in these rainbow happy letters that are supposed to make you feel warm and cozy. “I can do this.” But… extend that “know all about you” part to the blogosphere? Yikes. Amirite?

Answering that doubting question, “Who is going to listen to an on-again off-again stay-at-home-mom of a seven year-old rambunctious boy and a 4 year-old diva-slash-pteradactyl?”, made me decide to hit send after typing “im in” to the group text.

ohmygod we’re starting a blog face

My answer? Who WOULDN’T? I’m hilarious!! Hah…just kidding. But really. The short answer ends up somewhere close to the, “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” Beatles quote department. Simply put, there are tons of other women, with their partners or without, who are going through this life journey with questions.

When it’s in the middle of the day and you’re losing your sh*t (oh btw…if you’re offended by cursing, I vehemently apologize in advance because you’re about to be offended. A lot) and you forgot to take your meds and your kids are fighting and it’s a snow day in spring, we are here to tell you…..You aren’t alone. And also, yes, the snow day scenario is currently happening and I am in my bathroom on the toilet, writing to you all. Is 9:00am too early for a mimosa?

Let us take you to a place of calm and comfort. Let us provide you with tips and tricks from experience in what has helped the four of us through this crazy journey of high school friendship into grown up life.


As I mentioned, I am a mother of two, a wife to my husband for 9 years, and a best friend to these three awesome women. I always wanted to do massage therapy and have made it my career for 10 plus years. I am absolutely obsessed with birth education and a woman’s right for self advocacy in her journey into motherhood. I am a birth doula…hear me roar! I know you might be thinking…..crunchy hippie type that is passionate about natural things. She’s going to judge me.

Let me stop you right there. I am not here to judge anyone. Because guess what? I spend a whole lot of my day internally telling myself to stop judging ME…I have no time to judge you. To quote a book I’m reading currently, “I really don’t give a F*ck”.  I am here to let you know that NO ONE IS PERFECT and we all need one another to press on, and live this beautiful mess that life has turned out to be.

Also, this “crunchie hippie” does this.

Let me introduce you to my other life. Fitness. I have been a women’s health personal trainer for many years and have a degree in exercise science. My passion for fitness (although it has ebbed and flowed) started in my teen years as a multisport year-round athlete. That is, coincidentally,  when I also knew I wanted to work in massage therapy. In my adult life, post-kids, it was this passion for fitness that took me through a giant weight loss journey and that has kept me fit and healthy (though I had to fight tooth and nail for the first six months).

Through the years, I have fallen more and more in love with the way the human body works, and how to help it cope, relax, heal from or prevent injury, and increase its overall wellness. This, in turn, led me to other forms of the healing arts. My work and home now include energy work, aromatherapy, reflexology, and intuitive development, spiritual practice and integration, and much more.

So, welcome! Pull up with a glass of wine. If you don’t know which kind, we can help you with that too! and join us on this evolution and integration of four separate lives into this amazing new endeavor.   


<crash sounds>


Kristy, out.

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Real As A M*ther

Four girls became best friends in high school and have stayed together through a whole lot of life. We are now a doctor, a lawyer, a financial advisor and a badass doula slash massage therapist and homesteader and want to share what we've learned as wives, moms, women and in our careers with the world... and entertain you along the way!

2 thoughts on “Adventures of a Doula-Mommy: Kristy

  1. As a proud “crunchy hippie type that is passionate about natural things,” I had a doula too for my no-intervention hypnobirthing experience at a great hospital in the East Bay area. God bless her soul & Loved your article. Thank you for having the courage to follow your heart and become a doula. Deeply admire and respect what doulas do. Can’t wait for the day they become mainstream covered healthcare options that everyone is offered.


    1. Thanks Chhaya for your kind words!!! here the richmond area, we are closer to that than most people think! Mainstream options for now involve doulas being covered under HSA! I’d be happy to give you info on that if you need:)


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