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Crafting with small children is one of those things that I feel like I just can’t get right. I love the idea of doing creative projects with my kids – and PLUS there are so many super easy and fun-for-everyone ideas on Pinterest.ย  How could I go wrong (even over-educated moms get duped by the magical lies of Pinterest)??

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 3.46.23 PM
How could this go wrong?? Semi-permanent dye + shaving cream + rambunctious kids……

According to the internet pics, you gather some basic supplies you have on hand and do the cute things with your kids. There might be a *slight* mess. Everyone will have fun and laugh adorably. Alas…. whether through lack of planning or experience or patience the crafts that actually happen seem to go like this:

  1. I get everything together, realize we are missing something, improvise, do all preliminary steps, have everything in separate containers ready to go while kids destroy some other room of house.
  2. Call kids to come in and do the *super* fun craft.
  3. Kids don’t want to come because they’re playing ponies now.
  4. Cajole, bribe and threaten kids to come in to start craft.
  5. 3 yo immediately spills some container of critical stuff we don’t have any more of.
  6. Send 5 yo to our nice next-door neighbors to ask for another one. Do deep breathing exercises to calm panic when she’s not back in 30 seconds. Convince self she’s been abducted. Rush out in a panic to go get her. Remember 3 yo is still in house and can’t be left around {hot stove, running water, sticky things….}. Just as I’m about to haul her to go get her sister also, 5 yo comes back.
  7. Rapidly complete craft, take picture.
  8. Send kids away to play again while I clean up the hurricane ravaged room.
  9. Throw silly craft away as soon as children aren’t looking


Case in point. Easter egg dying. Only had 4 brown eggs left. Which I realized after we had opened the dye packs. 3 yo broke one. I gave up on cute eggs and let them use markers. Now I get to have colorful fingers every morning when I make breakfast!

(sarcastic) Hooray!

Sometimes, though, it does work out. This success courtesy of my experienced-mama neighbor and all-around angel Missy. She brought over all the stuff for this super easy kid-appropriate craft.

Grassy Baskets

Photo on 3-25-18 at 3.23 PM.jpg


  • Perlite or Vermiculite – small bag, buy at any home-supply or garden store
  • Whole wheatberries – 1 Cup per basket, buy in bulk section of grocery store
  • Basket or pot or old cup or basically any container – if not water-tight, line with plastic bag.
  • Plastic wrap

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 3.23.43 PM.png


  1. Put wheat-berries into bowl of warm water, enough to cover.
  2. Pour rock of choice into receptacle of choice.
  3. Place soaked wheat-berries in pretty dense layer over the top
  4. Cover loosely with plastic wrap

In 48 hours they will have sprouted!! When they have little white roots coming out, remove plastic wrap. No need to water.

Then they grow 1/2 to 1 inch per DAY!!! Talk about immediate gratification ๐Ÿ˜€

Then, take advantage of the cutest set up for your plastic and/or Pinterest-failed dyed eggs ever. #momwin



Annie Ray is a married mother of 2 and primary care physician in the Sacramento area

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Real As A M*ther

Four girls became best friends in high school and have stayed together through a whole lot of life. We are now a doctor, a lawyer, a financial advisor and a badass doula slash massage therapist and homesteader and want to share what we've learned as wives, moms, women and in our careers with the world... and entertain you along the way!

One thought on “Momday feels: Annie

  1. Yikes! Yes! You have to think so far ahead of time to have white eggs in the house! You are so funny. And your girls are learning happy adaptation. Plus, it involved magic grass in this case! Win!


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